Review | Beware the Night

For an avid reader of YA fantasy, I was super excited to have this arc! However, while amazing on some points, I feel that because I’m more experienced with YA fantasy, this novel was too juvenile for me and would be a better fit for younger readers or less fantasy-read bookworms to enjoy.

The plot and world design was brilliant and definitely loved the Sun/Moon mythology incorporated into Veda’s life. The pacing was fast and while I like it that way, there were times were the author could have slowed down to delve deeper into the story that would have made it better.

The love triangle trope took away from the story design. Veda is a character who should show power and perseverance especially as her world and life as she knows it is crumbling. But instead I find her making decisions based on who she likes at the moment and it’s just too naive and immature. I really hope she grows into a better MC in the next book and that the love trope takes a few steps back to allow for better character development.

Overall, a quick young read better suited to those not well advanced in the YA fantasy world as I feel we’ll be more disappointed with this.


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