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Tour Stop | The Color of Lies


Yay for tour stops! Today I get to bring awareness to you for CJ Lyons’ new thriller The Color of Lies! It was such an fast paced ride that you will find you won’t be able to stop turning the pages! It also has such a unique concept I have never EVER seen or read before so buckle your seat belts because you are in for a treat! Did I mention there’s also TWO giveaways??

*I was provided an ARC by the publisher and Fantastic Flying Book Club for my honest review.*

Here is the tour schedule in case you’d like to follow ūüôā

———- Book Info ———-

The  Color  of Lies  TheColorofLies-Cover.jpg

By C.J.  Lyons

Publisher:  Blink

Release  Date:  November 6,  2018

Genre:  Young  Adult  Contemporary,  Mystery, Thriller


From New¬† York¬† Times¬†and¬† USA¬† Today ¬†bestselling¬† author¬†CJ¬† Lyons¬† comes ¬†The¬† Color¬†of ¬†Lies,¬† a¬†world¬† drenched¬† in¬†color¬† and¬† mystery. ¬†High¬†school¬† senior¬† Ella¬†Cleary¬† has¬† always¬†been¬† good¬† at¬† reading¬† people.¬†Her family¬† has¬† a ¬†rare¬† medical¬†condition¬† called¬† synesthesia¬†that¬† scrambles¬† the¬†senses‚ÄĒher¬†Gram¬† Helen¬† sees ¬†every¬† sound,¬†and¬† her¬† uncle¬†Joe¬† can¬† literally¬†taste¬† words. ¬†Ella‚Äôs¬† own¬†synesthesia¬† manifests ¬†itself¬†as¬† the¬† ability¬†to¬† see¬† colors¬†that¬† reveal¬† people‚Äôs¬† true¬†emotions…until¬†she¬† meets¬† a¬† guy ¬†she¬†just¬† can‚Äôt¬† read.

Alec is¬† a¬†mystery¬† to¬† Ella,¬†a¬† handsome,¬† enigmatic¬†young¬† journalist¬† who¬†makes¬† her¬† feel¬† nor-mal¬† for¬†the¬† first¬† time¬†in¬† her¬† life.¬†That¬† is,¬† until¬†he ¬†reveals¬† the¬†real¬† reason¬† why¬† he¬† sought¬†her ¬†out‚ÄĒhe¬† wants¬†to¬† learn¬† the¬†truth¬† behind¬† her¬†parents‚Äô deaths,¬†the¬† parents¬† that¬†Ella¬† had¬† always ¬†been¬†told¬† died¬† in¬†a¬† fire.¬† Alec¬†turns¬† Ella‚Äôs¬† world¬†upside¬† down¬† when¬†he¬† tells¬† her¬†their¬† deaths ¬†were¬†definitely¬† not¬† an¬† accident.¬†After¬† learning¬†her¬† entire¬† life¬†has¬† been¬† a¬†lie,¬† Ella doesn‚Äôt¬† know¬†who¬† she¬† can¬†trust¬† or¬† even¬†who ¬†she¬† really¬†is.¬† With¬† her¬†adoptive¬† family¬† keeping¬†secrets¬† and¬† the¬†evidence¬† mixing¬† fact¬†and¬† fic-tion,¬† the¬†only ¬†way¬† for¬†Ella¬† to¬† learn¬†the¬† truth¬† about ¬†her¬† past¬†is¬† to¬† find¬†a¬† killer.

Perfect  for fans  of  Caroline B.  Cooney,  Ally Carter,  and  Jennifer Brown,  The  Color of  Liesblurs  the lines  between  black-and-white  facts and  the  kaleidoscope  of reality.

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———- Review ———-

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Ana√Įs¬†Nin

Rating 5/5

This story follows a girl named Ella who has synesthesia (don’t worry I had to look this up too lol) which is the rare medical condition in which she is able to see colors that reveals a person’s true emotions in the form of an aura. She is part of a very gifted (or cursed) family in that her grandmother can see sounds and her uncle can taste words! Because she can see a person’s intentions through their lies and deceit, she considers her “gift” more a curse which has affected a lot of her relationships.

One day she meets Alec who is an enigma – she can’t read him! For the first time in her life, Ella is able to just breathe and be herself without knowing another soul! But things don’t always work out the way you want them and Ella learns that Alec sought her out not because he liked her, but because of a past that he wants answered about her parents.

Caught in so many lies and webs of deceit, Ella doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Her heart can’t taking any more breakage, but she is determined to uncover the secrets and finally learn the truth of things. **I won’t be providing spoilers – so keep reading ;D**

“I paint to find the heart of a person or scene, beyond what you think you see at first glance.” – Ella to Alec

What a thrilling suspenseful roller coaster this was! I absolutely LOVED how original the concept was and how well thought out it was! The writing was so beautiful and mysterious there was absolutely no way I could predict anything in this story!

The plot line was magnificent! Using a medical condition to its highest advantage, I was very intrigued with how CJ Lyons incorporated her ideas into a superb murder mystery. I mean she herself is a doctor so doing much research on Ella’s condition wasn’t a challenge for her to write, but the challenge was making it easy to understand (especially if you had no idea what it was, like me even though I’m in the medical field too) AND turning it into the gift that helped Ella grow. CJ surpassed this obstacle with flying colors and the magic she created with this story had me tearing apart the book just so I could find out what happens next.

There isn’t a lot of romance here either, which was beneficial because even though I love romance, it would have distracted from the plot and from Ella’s character. Ella’s growth was more focused on HER and how she reacts to what happens, not how she reacts with the romance. I feel like this is very relatable and encourages young readers to change/grow who they are based on themselves, and not changing or growing in a certain way for someone else because we all know, especially at that age, young love is not always real love and that person will most likely not be in your life tomorrow, next year or 5 years fro now.

The mystery component of this story had me floored. My gaping mouth still has yet to recover from all that’s happened and as I look back, I feel satisfied that all my questions were answered and no gaps were left behind. So it is very safe to say, the author was flawless with her writing and is a fantastic storyteller. I HIGHLY recommend this novel – it will turn your world upside down.

———- Author Bio ———-


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author¬†of¬†over forty novels, former pediatric¬†ER¬†doctor¬†CJ¬†Lyons¬†has¬†lived the life she writes about¬†in¬†her cutting edge Thrillers with Heart.¬†Two times winner¬†of¬†the International Thriller Writers coveted Thriller¬†Award,¬†CJ¬†has¬†been¬†called a “master within the genre” (Pittsburgh Magazine) and¬†herwork has been praised¬†as¬†“breathtakingly fast-paced” and “riveting” (Publishers¬†Weekly) with “characters with beating¬†hearts and three dimensions” (Newsday).

Learn more about CJ’s Thrillers with Heart¬†at¬†




———- GIVEAWAY ———

So the tour hosts are hosting one and I am hosting another! For details on MY giveaway, head on over to my instagram for details (click here or the picture to go straight there)! Tour host giveaway details below!

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ūüö®GIVEAWAY ALERT ūüö® What if you could see the truth in people through their auras? Lies would be meaningless wouldn‚Äôt they? Today is my tour stop for The Color of Lies by @cjlyonsthrillers and I am hosting a giveaway!!! ‚̧ԳŹ ūüß° ūüíõ ūüíö ūüíô ūüíú ūüö® Rules ūüö® 1. Follow me! Don‚Äôt follow to unfollow – you will forfeit your prize and future giveaways! 2. Tag 3 bookish friends who might be interested (bonus for each person if they enter too!) Thats it! Simple and Sweet! The winner of this giveaway will get this beautiful copy of The Color of Lies and a sweet surprise I‚Äôll throw in too! ‚ÄĘ This giveaway ends 11/16/18 11:59 PM HST! Good luck! *This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram.* ‚ÄĘ ‚ÄĘ #bookphotography #bookart #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booklover #booknerd #bookworm #bookaddict #ilovebooks #ilovereading #yabooks #youngadult #youngadultbooks #yamystery #thriller #cjlyons #fantasticflyingbookclub #tourstop #giveaway #bibliophile #currentlyreading #tbr #fallreads #thecoloroflies

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